The Nest Box Egg Company

Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan

For phase I we were looking at heating and cooling for the production floor, however, this was pushed to phase II. For phase I we looked at space heating for the offices, changing rooms, canteen and circulation areas. The baseline design for this service would have been LPG boilers as that was the system in use in the existing building. After looking at many options, the installation of an air-source heat pump providing heat through underfloor heating was decided upon. This is a low-energy, high efficiency system and will help greatly with the Nest Box’s energy use.

Hot water generation is required for all of phase I. In the baseline system, this would have been generated by the LPG boilers, however, we utilised the technology of the heat pump to generate the hot water and have it stored in a 3000L buffer vessel.

The baseline interior lighting for The Nest Box would be standard Industrial fittings for the production floor facility. We added additionality by optioneering to have high efficiency LED fittings which at a capital cost of approximately double, will reduce the amount of electricity required bringing down the total power consumption.


  • Golden Irish ltd.


  • Feb 2018 - Jan 2020