ISO 8 Class Cleanroom

MGS Group – Liffey Park Technology Campus, Co. Kildare

We designed and validated a state-of-the-art Cleanroom Development for them, which is acknowledged to have kept them at the forefront of Healthcare moulding manufacture, meeting all ISO requirements. Technologies utilised consist of:

Air Conditioning & Ventilation – Climate Control of the Cleanroom
The existing external roof mounted Air Handling Unit (AHU) was of sufficient capacity and in an optimum location to service the cleanroom space. The existing AHU was refurbished and new systems added to upgrade the performance of the unit suitable for an ISO 8 Cleanroom. A new ductwork distribution system was provided to deliver the conditioned air to the Cleanroom via ceiling mounted air diffusers.

Pipe Services – Chilled Water & Compressed Air
We utilised the Technology Campus’ Central Chilled Water and Compressed Air systems as they had excess capacitys excess capacity. Chilled Water was provided via a Plate Heat Exchanger from the Central System in order to provide independent control of the chilled water on the MGS production side. New connections were taken from the
existing Compressed Air line to supply compressed air to the power poles in the cleanroom.

Controls –BMS (Building Management System)
The existing AHU control system was refurbished to maintain the cleanroom environment at approx. 20°C and 50% RH (humidity).


  • MGS/Jackie McMahon


  • Oct 2018 - Jul 2020